Traditional Olive Wood Pestle And Mortar


    Elevate your culinary experience with our Traditional Rustic Olive Wood Pestle and Mortar, a kitchen essential that beautifully marries form and function. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced olive wood, each mortar features beautifully rounded edges, adding a touch of nature's sophistication to your kitchen. With three sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your culinary needs.

    Perfect for bashing, smashing and grinding herbs and spices for all those gorgeous curries and tagines. Our wooden pestle and mortars have been crafted by artisans to a very high standard and will last for years. 

    Traditional Artistry
    The lovely smooth, rounded edges of each mortar showcases the natural beauty of olive wood, adding character and uniqueness to your kitchen decor.

    3 Sizes to Choose From
    Whether you're grinding spices for a cosy meal or preparing herbs for a culinary masterpiece, we offer five sizes to cater to your specific needs.

    Function Meets Elegance
    Beyond its natural charm, our pestle and mortar set is designed for efficient grinding and blending, allowing you to release the full flavours of your ingredients.

    These olive trees have been silently capturing carbon from the atmosphere, and locking it away, for many years, sometimes centuries, making these Pestle and Mortars a beautiful example of repurposing and reducing environmental impact. We also only use wood from trees that have to the end of their natural fruiting life. 

    Made from 
    Each traditional Pestle and Mortar has been carved from one piece of sustainable olive wood, which is a very beautiful and very hard wood. Every piece is completely unique with lovely grain and colour. 

    Hand finished with a flavourless and odorless 100% organic oil. 

    Care instructions 
    Handwash only with hot, mild soapy water. Treat occasionally with olive, coconut or any other food grade oil.

    Care guide included. 


    3 sizes available:

    Diameter 3.93" (10cm) x Height 2.36" (6cm)
    Diameter 4.72" (12cm) x Height 2.36" (6cm)
    Diameter 5.51" (14cm) x Height 2.95" (7.5cm)