Personalized Wedding Anniversary Cheeseboard Gift

Gift Box? (Unavailable for 50cm option)

These lovely, rustic, personalised olive wood boards are ideal for use as chopping, cheese, charcuterie or antipasti serving boards, personalized with of your choice of names in the style and font as pictured, so surprise your favourite couple for their anniversary, engagement or wedding day with these beautifully rustic and very natural olive wood cheeseboards. 

The finished item will be as pictured using the same fonts. The heart and swirls will be added automatically. The date can be left off if needed. 

🌳Ethically produced
We are passionate about preserving the legacy of these venerable olive trees, ensuring that their story continues long after their fruit-bearing days have passed. By carefully crafting our cheese boards from their aged wood, we not only celebrate their history but also embrace a profound commitment to responsible and eco-friendly practices.

Our olive items are not just pieces of culinary art; they are a testament to sustainability. These olive trees, some of which have stood for centuries, have silently captured carbon from the atmosphere throughout their long lives. By transforming their wood into cherished kitchen essentials, we lock that carbon away, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a healthier planet.

🌳Made from
Each utensil has been carved from one piece of olive wood, which is a very beautiful and a very hard wood. Every piece is completely unique with stunning grain patterns and colour.

👋Care instructions
Hand wash with hot, light soapy water. Treat occasionally with olive, coconut or any other food grade oil.
👋Hand finished with an odorless and flavourless 100% organic oil.

Four sizes available: Please check the dimensions carefully before ordering.

Length 21cm x Width 15cm x Depth 2cm - perfectly handy for chopping herbs, chillies, garlic, ginger, cheese, etc (main image).

Length 30cm x Width 15cm x Depth 2cm  - great for serving cheese, chopping veg, and as above. 

Length 40cm x Width 17cm x Depth 2cm - as above again... and looks great as a serving and presentation board on the dining table.

Length 50cm x Width 20cm x Depth 2cm - as above, but large enough to handle even the largest Sunday roast! (Gift box not available for this size) 

Shape of rustic bottom edge and grain can vary slightly as each piece is unique.