Italian made Cheese Grater With Olive Wood Box

A really grate cheese grater (sorry, pun intended!) for all types of hard cheese. All caught in the stunning olive wood box... so no mess!
  • Beautifully crafted cheese grater with olive wood box
  • Made from Italian stainless steel (Grater)
  • Sustainably sourced Italian olive wood (Box)
  • Crafted by Italian artisans
  • 3 Sizes available

Stainless steel grater is dishwasher proof. The box is not. 

These olive wood boxes have been crafted by Italian artisans to a very high standard and will last for years. 

Ethically produced
We only use wood from very old olive trees that have come to the end of their natural fruiting life and have already been replaced with younger, more productive trees.

Made from
Italian stainless steel and Italian olive wood.

Care instructions
Care instructions for the wood included. Stainless steel - wash a normal. 

Three sizes available:

Small - 12 x 7 x 5cm

Medium - 16 x 8 x 6.5cm

Large - 19.5 x 10 x 7cm

Colour and grain can vary slightly as each piece is unique.